How Switch works –
in eight steps.

We provide our clients with a full range of integrated tools and services across multi-dimensional platforms.
Our extensive in-house capabilities and best-in-class partners allow us to create custom, purpose-built solutions for our clients.

Tough questions that pay off:

1) Critical message What do you want your target market to remember about your brand and your organization – after seeing and hearing your message? What is the critical message we want to convey? 
2) Challenges and opportunities What are the greatest challenges facing you? Is the target audience already familiar with your organization? Describe your competition and why they are able to compete with your brand. 
3) Competitive advantage What are your competitive advantages? Why is your product or service a better option for your audience? Is the market already familiar with you?
4) Target audience Who are we talking to? Describe your target audience: age, sex, lifestyle choices and more. Are they local, regional, national or international?

5) ) Your customer’s incentive Describe the current landscape for your ideal customer. How have you attempted to reach them? What has worked? And what has not?
6) CTA Call To Action What do we want to persuade the reader or viewer to do? How do you want them to contact you?
7) CVR Conversion Ratio What is the tipping point for a customer to make a decision to use your product or service? Early in the messaging process? Or will your target do research before making a purchasing decision?
8) Goals Describe your current landscape. What has worked in the past? And what has not? What do you hope to accomplish – your goals, short and long term?